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10 Tips to Write a Good and Reader Friendly Article

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Do you ever wonder how to write a good and user friendly article? Write something in a well-structured and reader friendly are very important since your blog or website visitor isn’t a machine. They’re human just like you.

If you’re thinking I’m an expert in writing, you’ve mistaken. However that’s not the point, I’ll just try to share what I’ve learnt. Who knows that it can be worthwhile stuff, especially for you guys who find that your writing a bit messy and not well-structured.

10 Tips To Write A Good Readable Blog Post

If you ever wonder how to write reader friendly article, then here we listed some tips to write a good article and make it becomes reader friendly:

  • Write as you’re talking to your friend

The easiest way to make our writing become reader friendly, think that you’re talking and telling something to your friend. When we’re talking to our friend, we try to make comfort conversation. We try to speak as easy as possible to understand and even less formal.

It’s fine to use less formal language as long as you are sure about what you’re going to write yet easy to understand and doesn’t offend anyone, as people on internet comes with different culture and background.

  • Know what you’re going to write

One of the reasons of our writing is quite messy and makes the visitor finds that it’s not a good article to read, usually because the lack of knowledge about the topic we’re discussing. It also makes us difficult in developing our topic, choosing the proper term and our discussion will ends up at a narrow discussions. Hence, I quite rarely publish new post here.

  • Make it straight

Most of our blog visitors do not having a lot of time to spend in reading our blog, for this reason don’t waste their time by a bit too much opening or chit chat. Let’s make it straight to the point by giving proper opening paragraph.

  • Involve the reader

By involving our reader towards something that we write, we make them feel closer to us and make them feel as if they’re talking directly to us. You can use some words to involve them into your writing, such as “you” or “you guys” and so on.

  • Use easy understanding language style

It is better for you to use easy understanding language style, due to our people on internet are heterogeneous. All the visitors who land to your blog are varied based on their intelligences level, some can be smart, quite good, and even low.

Some characteristics of easy understanding language style for blog are:
  • Using simple vocabulary,
  • Avoiding unfamiliar term which is known just by you or particular group, however it would be fine if it’s still relating to your topic,
  • And so on.

  • Don’t write too long

Unlike in formal text which is emphasizing on the structure, blogging has a bit flexible than it. The point is to write a good article to read and makes your reader interested. Don’t write too long within a paragraph, it is better to take 3 up to 6 lines within a single paragraph.

  • Use Subheading and bullet

Other trivial things but quite effective which most bloggers don’t realize are subheading and bullet. It has important part in writing article, for instance makes a distinctive point on every part of the post.

  • Use image

Image is used to give a good the first impression and represent the whole thing that you’re going to tell to the reader. If you want your post looks better and interesting, placing at least one image is a must.

  • Avoid using article generator

Leaving your article a bit messy will make your visitor not interested and hard to understand what you’ve written. In other hand, letting an article spinner to do the rest of job will make your works are less unique.

  • Always double check your work

Right after you’ve done with your article, ensure to reread what you’ve written and do some correction if it’s needed. For instance, some typos, misspelling, as well as a bit longer sentences than it should.

In brief…

Write a good and user friendly article actually isn’t that difficult, what makes it difficult solely caused we’re not getting used with it. So, the first steps you can take by not copying others Bloggers, and try to write your own.

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6 Ways to Keep Visitors Stay Longer on Your Blog

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Keeping blog traffics high isn't a simple thing to do. Moreover if you expect your visitors stay for a bit longer on your blog. Just like the real world, it has the same concept in online world. Someone will feel that they enjoy spending his/her time for any longer in a particular blog, otherwise they won’t.

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As a Blogger, of course you are willing your visitors spend his time much longer on your blog. Since, if the most visitors spend longer time on your blog it means you get the chance to get higher traffics through the blog.

So, how is the way to make the visitors enjoy and stay longer time on your blog? Check out the list below.

  • Write Something Interesting and Valuable

Firstly, to make your visitors stay longer on your blog, you got to provide interesting and useful contents for them. Any blog which having the main concept in providing text, it’s a must to integrate the content with both basis. The more interesting and valuable your contents to their reader, the more chance you’ll get to make them stay longer.

  • Install or Make Related Post

Most visitors are people who are looking for a certain theme or topic. You can take the advantage of this situation by making or installing related post which will display some relate posts for a particular topic.

By providing the related post make the visitors easier to explore others post within certain topic, and automatically they will stay for a bit longer on your blog.

  • Make Random or Popular Post on Sidebar

Beside of related theme post, you may make visitors enjoy on your blog by showing popular or random post right on the sidebar. Indeed it has different topic or theme, but it yet worth to give it a try. There will always be a chance that your visitor will find it interesting.

In other hand, by putting random post on sidebar, you can show your old post in order to come up again. Sometimes it will work to some visitors who merely come to your blog for blogwalking.

  • Show Menu and Navigation

The other way to make visitors who unintentionally land to your blog or just do blogwalking staying a bit longer is by showing proper menu and navigation. Obviously there’s must be a possibility at least one of your entire posts will be clicked and read.

Do not undervalue the function of menu on blog’s main page. If you screw this element and make it looks messed up, there’s a big chance your visitor will shortly leave your blog and increase your bouncing rate.

So, it’s necessary to make a good and proper menu which can be easily used and noticed by the visitor. It will be one of many factors which may keep your visitor stay longer and decrease the bouncing rate.

  • Provide Archives and Sitemap

Alongside of related, random, or even popular post, you may need to provide archive page and sitemap. Archive contains a list of the whole post on your blog, which helps the visitors to explore the entire posts.

Right at this point, they will find which post they want to read and interesting. Eventually your visitors will remain longer on your blog to explore.

  • Create Unique and Well-Arranged Template

Last but not least to keep the visitors stay longer on blog is by applying unique and well-arranged template for your blog. Design and layout of a blog are truly affecting the stage of visitor excitement and boringness. So, the better your blog’s design and layout the more visitors will like and excited. It means your chance to make them stay longer increasing.

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8 Biggest Myths and Mistakes of SEO among Newbie SEO Players

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There are a lots of newbie bloggers who have misperception regarding to SEO a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization. This can be a serious problem among the newbie blogger, because what on field is different by any means from what they’ve thought.

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Do you know that having wrong knowledge is more dangerous than not knowing at all. This is also happens on online marketing, especially on SEO. For instance, a company spends a lot of time in optimizing their site, but it wasn’t the right way to do.

Most newbie usually will blame on the Google search algorithm which is frequently updated. Even, some said that the algorithm update is just Google tricks to satisfy their advertiser on Google Adwords.

Basically, Google webmaster tool has already warned all webmaster to optimize their websites in a proper way. One of their forewarnings is about the prohibition of illegal and not valid link trade to get higher rank.

Here, I listed some biggest myth or confusions about SEO, check whether you are in or not:

  • Get the first rank on Google search result page is the most crucial part of SEO

Indeed getting a good position on search engine will be very helpful to increase traffics because it will drive more visitors. But, it doesn’t mean we have to put the position on search engine as the most crucial. In fact, site’s search engine position will not assure the number of click to your site will always high. However, it can be a good starting point for your online marketing campaign.

Nowadays, Google frequently update their search engine algorithm that will affect their search result as well. Any website or blog which has good and relevant content, features with user-friendly layout usually will get better performance on search engine. Theoretically, a website or blog which is placed on third or fourth on search engine result can possibly get more click than the first position.

  • All Webmaster and IT practitioners can do SEO

This perception comes up in many cases, like business owner who want to optimize their website on the search engine. In fact, not all webmaster or IT practitioners in a company know about SEO.

If a company hires a web designer or some webmasters to make a website, sure they can do it. They can do stuff relating to web optimization, such as making XML site map, doing redirect, and making robot.txt for the website. However, there’s a possibility they lack of knowledge about SEO, it’s a bit different, need experience, and deep understanding as well.

  • Do SEO once for a lifetime

SEO is an endless work, there’s no final point and one you have to keep in mind that your rivals always do the same thing, optimizing their site frequently. In other hand, Google will always update their search result which is automatically changes their search result as well. So, it is a running process which will always take time and energy periodically.

  • SEO and Social Media has nothing to do at all

There are quite a lot of SEO practitioners who perceive that social media has nothing to do with SEO. In fact, search engine will give a plus point to any web page which having a part of element on social media. That’s why, this early days come new term “Social Search” because social media and SEO are connecting each other.

As the example we can see when Google tried to boast Google+ and Google Authorship. Here Google tried to giving relevant content which is come from the reliable source (the writers who possess the authority on their field) and as the result, a content which get most shared on social media will simply trusted. So, SEO and Social Media are connecting and can’t be separated to get the best.

  • The more backlinks will be better

Google will gradually update their algorithm, this adjustment brings a great impact which making SEO player down or even making their page lost from search result.

No matter how far the adjustment Google will do, inbound link a.k.a. backlink will be one of factors which determining your site rank in Google search result. However, if you just focus in link building is just like digging a hole for your own website. Perhaps you can boost your backlink in just few hours but it doesn’t assure having good quality backlink.

Invest your time and money to build a good quality content more and more. It will help you to achieve your blog or site success for long term, such as write unique and interesting content, invite some quest writer to your blog, and so on. One thing for sure, you need to have a clear purpose behind what you’re going to write.

  • H1 Tag is the success key of SEO

This myth is quite an old myth among newbie SEO player. Some SEO players think that the success key in SEO is about the H1 tag or page title. A well-structured content is the main factor for search engine and audiences as well. In certain point, indeed H1 tag is very important but search engine will always analyze and does some adjustment needed.

Outdated SEO player usually will only focus on H1 tag, even force to put the keywords into H1 tag which makes it seemed to be SPAM. Now, this sort of practical isn’t that effective although H1 yet has an effect on SEO. The more important point is what information we give in our website or blog need to be relevant with the topic of our website.

  • The more our site indexed on search result will be better

Till today there are yet a lot of people that the number of indexed site is a good sign means our site is getting more quality. It can be a bit confusing, most bloggers use many tags for their site page which is expected all tags will be indexed by search engine. As the result they will drive more visitors.

The issue happens when the tags without giving extra attention whether the keywords is relevant or not. Indeed it will boost the traffics, but it’s soon or later search engine will find that it has no relevancy. Possibly the index will be removed or the visitor will no longer interested once they visit it. This isn’t definitive case, but I will play safe by not taking a risk with it.

  • SEO is a mysterious art

Well, I assume that every single web page in search result will be always changing anytime, however there’s still tendency that will always happen for sure. Google as the biggest search engine will always try to give the most relevant result to their user, and it indicates that their results are going better day by day. There’s no certainty on SEO, yet it has some possibility and tendency.

If you or your company hire for SEO service, you have to get into it. Your suggestion or advice will be important in maximizing their work because it’s not only about the optimizing step which can be done on all niches. It’s better for your SEO service to know your business, competitors, and find the best way to increase the conversion for your business relentlessly.

In short, from what you’ve read above, your visitors experience whilst visiting your site is the main point for your SEO campaign. The better experience user get (regarding to the relevance and the value to its reader), the better SEO you’ve done.

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4 Tips to Write a Good Copywriting for Online Advertising

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In professional blogging, copywriting has become a great way to get a deal or affiliation project with another party. But sorry to say, not all bloggers know about this copywriting technique.

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Well, actually by applying this copywriting technique, a blogger can persuade the readers through his writing and get more attention from the advertisers as well. Due to its importance of copywriting to all blogger, they have to know what copywriting is and the technique of a good and proper copywriting.

Now, copywriting has come to a new age of digital era, such as blog and website as the development of internet and tech getting fast, it’s a natural thing happened. As I said above, bloggers should learn and try to apply it in their writing work.

Here I will share the idea about several tips of a good and proper copywriting you can learn and apply to your daily blogging activity.

  • Mind the content quality

The first that you need to concern in copywriting is the quality of your content. The quality here concerning to the language writing style, supporting images, and the layout of the content. In this technique you need to adjust your language style towards the market share or targeted reader.

For instance, don’t use slang word to write a review of product or services which targets mature or use a too formal word and language style for a product in which teenager as the target. As important as the language style, images and videos are important here. Try to make it attractive to prevent the lack of excitement while reading it. While layout here involve font, size, spacing and the format as well.

  • Know the product and service

In copywriting, the most important part you have to know is what you are going to write about. So, before you write a review about the product, make sure you know the stuff what you’re going to write well. It’s nearly impossible for a blogger to advertise something without knowing the thing well.

By knowing the product you can explain the readers what the advantage and what make a product worth to try. This is done due to maximizing the conversion numbers of potential costumer become a buyer. You can improve your knowledge to maximize your potential in copywriting by learning it from book, magazine, journal, and textual source.

  • Know the psychological condition of your reader

The main reason why you have to learn the psychological condition of you reader is to get the conversion ratio of the potential consumer become higher. Indeed, it’s not an easy matter to do, but by keep trying and let off your personal ego, and it will make you get into your reader psychological condition deeper.

The content in which involving the reader is a quite difficult technique, bloggers are demanded to make an ads content but as could as possible it doesn’t seem like an advertisement while read by the visitors. However, once again by sincerity and learn continually, we can do it well in writing involving the reader psychological condition.

  • Write the truth

The last tips in copywriting which can’t be undervalued is honesty and truth in describing certain product. It’s the real challenge that most bloggers have to face in writing ads content. The pressure from the advertiser to generate good conversion forces you to exaggerate the product or service description.

Don’t worry. There are some ways to overcome this issue. You can do negotiation first with the advertiser about the principle to them, it’s your right. You can also take another method by using persuasive writing. By doing this, you can persuade the reader to buy without having to write deceitful description. The second one is the most common method used by copywriter at large company.

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3 Ways Increasing Your Blog Traffic without Having to Post Consistently

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Make a post routinely and consistent are the big efforts which every blogger have to deal with. No matter if you are a newbie blogger or an expert blogger this problems always the biggest thing. Well, actually it’s natural since our ideas and inspirations are limit within a certain time and we need to recover to gain something new. Due to the lack of ideas, we always feel bored and have no spirit to write something to post.

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This problem is getting worse, especially for those bloggers who don’t have any passion in writing (well, to be honest… I’m in). It seems that every single day feels like I’m going to quit writing for my blog.

Obviously, it’s no longer a secret that the more we’re consistent in writing and posting for our blog the more traffic we’ll get. However, it doesn’t mean that being consistent is the only way to drive visitors to our blog or website. You can yet drive more traffic to your blog or at least keep your visitors stable even you are infrequently do a posting to your blog.

Ok, what’s the secret behind? Here we listed 3 ways keep your blog traffic high without having any frequently posting.

Make Some Or Whole Evergreen Content

Basically, this term refers to a content (blog posting) which is always relevant for anytime and any readers. Usually this content isn’t telling about a specific event which is going to be happening only for certain time.

Most evergreen contents will be always relevant even though it’s read by different time or period. Since it’s always relevant or long lasting, that’s way this content being the main reason why blog traffics will always stable or even improving although you don’t post consistently on your blog within a week or month.

Here are a few example of blog content (article) which is counted as an evergreen content:

  1. How to do something or tutorials
  2. These sorts of articles are telling about how to do something in right way or the step by step of doing particular stuff. Clearly, these kinds of articles will be always relevant towards the reader.

  3. Description or definition of particular thing
  4. This kind of content is an article which is explaining the meaning or it can be the concept of a particular thing. For instance, this blog discuss about blogging, therefore I can write a posting about “What is a blog?”.

    Perhaps you wonder that these sorts of articles have are already provided by Wikipedia, what’s the point we make the same stuff? We’ll just leave one step behind, won’t us.

    Indeed, that most definition or description articles are all already there, however it would be better if we can explain something using our own style and of course we can deepen or add some of our perception towards it.

  5. A list of some relate things
  6. This kind of article is showing a list of particular thing which is the one point to the others point having a closely related in a same topics or theme. Usually, you’ll find a number right at the initial title of the content (just like what you’re reading right now “3 ways keep your blog traffic high without make consistent posting”).

  7. And many others
  8. There are still quite a lot articles which can be counted as Evergreen content. The most crucial part you have to keep in mind, make sure that your contents are having its target visitor or potential visitor who will searching for it or you will end up making a worthless Evergreen content.

Update Your Current Contents

Most blogger think that in updating contents means have to publish new blog post, whereas updating can also be mean as renewing our current contents. It’s worth it, whilst we can renew our blog contents once we have no idea to write something new. For instance, making your contents become better by adding the information or correct the typo or misspelling.

There will be some benefits by updating your current contents, listed below:

  • Make your contents’ quality better.
  • Get a good rank on search engine since Google will prefer to blog which has good quality contents.
  • Due to good rank, automatically it can drive more traffic to our blog.

Raise Your Blog Promotion

Last but not least, the most crucial point but most bloggers ignored, promote blog frequently. Blogging isn’t just about how many article you can write, but it’s also matter about how frequent you can promote your blog.

If we have some Evergreen content, the next step to take is better promote our blog intensively to drive and get more reader than making another contents again and again. I thought it’s far more effective.

In brief…

It’s obvious that you don’t need to post on your blog wildly, just thinking the quantity without giving more attention to its quality merely for driving more visitors. However, it doesn’t mean you can reduce your productivity in posting.

If you think that you are able to meet 5 up to 10 articles within a single day, it is better. But if you think you are not capable to meet it (for a reasonable reason due to the lack of ideas), better don’t force yourself and use the 3 ways keep your blog traffic high without make consistent posting that we’ve discussed above.